Internetlinks rundum die damalige Diplomarbeit
  • it's immaterial >
    Gunnar Krüger - Diplomcoach
    Untersucht und bewertet Informationspotenziale, filtert, strukturiert und verdichtet Inhalte und schafft gestrüppfreie Zugänge zu digitaler Information.
    Diplomcoach mit Schwerpunkten Konzeption und Modellentwicklung.
  • Hyperwerk >
    Ein neuer Studiengang - seit 1999 - der Fachhochschule beider Basel (FHBB) mit Ausbildung zur Interaktionsleiterin.
  • FHBB >
    Die Fachhochschule beider Basel.
Internetlinks rundum das damalige Diplomprojekt
  • Professor Marco Della Chiesa >
    Dozent für Psychologie, Soziologie, Kommunikation der Abteilung Architektur der Fachhochschule beider Basel.
    Projektcoach mit Schwerpunkt Sozialstudie.
  • mediasonics > | Thomas Bruhin
    Begleitung des Projekts mit Schwerpunkt Programmierung (PHP/MySQL)
  • Primo >
    Zusammenarbeit mit dem Dorfladen für den gemeinsamen (Gross)einkauf.
  • ZLV >
    Die Verwaltung der Siedlung «obere Widen» hat uns ihr Einverständnis zugesagt.
Internetlinks von und über weitere Siedlungen
  • Kraftwerk1 >
    KraftWerk1 ist eine moderne, innovative und urbane Genossenschaftssiedlung im Zürcher Kreis 5. Soziale Durchmischung, flexible Wohnformen, attraktive gemeinsam nutzbare Infrastrukturen, Solidarität und ökologisches Bewusstsein zeichnen KraftWerk1 aus. KraftWerk1 – das ist mehr als eine Überbauung mit circa 100 interessanten Wohnungen.
  • Strassweid >
    Das «schappeLan» Konzept (virtuelle Siedlungsvernetzung) in einem fehlgeschlagenen Versuch in Mittelhäusern.
  • Wohnsiedlung Lolibach >
    Neues Wohnen in der Wohnsiedlung Lolibach der Edith Maryon Stiftung.
  • Genossenschaft Neubühl >
    Genossenschaftssiedlung seit den Dreissigern.
  • Siedlung Hallen >
    Revolutionäre Siedlung in Bern, entstanden um 1960.
  • Ecobauhaus >
    Minergie - Energiesparsiedlungshäuser in Winthertur
  • Siedlung Viererfeld autofrei >
    Interessengemeinschaft autofreies Viererfeld - die erste autofreie Siedlung der Schweiz.
  • Maubes >
    Mehrfach ausgezeichnet als die schönste Siedlung.
  • Wasserhaus Münchenstein >
    Modellsiedlung aus der Nachkriegszeit.
  • Grossesiedlung Britz >
    Hufeisensiedlung in Berlin 1925 - 1931.
  • weissenhofsiedlung >
    Die Bauten der Weissenhofsiedlung in Stuttgart, errichtet 1927.
  • Köln >
    Autofreie Siedlung Köln
  • Mies van der Rohe Siedlung >
    Siedlungsfreiraum mit interessantem Design im Lafayettepark in Detroit, USA
  • Blacksburg Electronic Village - Research >
    One of the primary goals of the Blacksburg Electronic Village project is to evaluate and document the use and impact of community networking. Moreover, the project seeks to help foster research in collaboration with other faculty and students interested in the social, educative, political, economic and technical aspects of networking.
  • Blacksburg Electronic Village Welcome >
    The Blacksburg Electronic Village is an outreach initiative of Advanced Network Infrastructure & Services of Virginia Tech.
  • Brighton UK - The Town Guide - Virtual Brighton and Hove >
    Welcome to... Virtual Brighton & Hove - the City of Brighton & Hove online
  • Camfield Estates Welcome >
    The Camfield Tenants Association (CTA) began when tenants of Camfield Gardens, a 136 unit residential development in the South End/Lower Roxbury section of Boston, MA. Learned in 1991 that the U.S. Dept of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), was going to foreclose its mortgage on the absentee owner of Camfield Gardens. HUD intended to auction off the property to the highest bidder. The residents, concerned that their homes would be sold to a speculator, successfully organized to convince HUD not to sell the property. CTA developed a Board of Directors. Staff and consultants were hired to help manage the redevelopment. It was awarded a Federal HOPE II mini-planning grant to study the feasibility of resident ownership, and to perform a capital needs assessment.
  • ComKnet. Community Knowledge Network. >
    Bringing all the skills of your community together.
  • Designing Our Town - MOOsburg >
    MOOsburg is a community-oriented multi-user domain. It was created to enrich the Blacksburg Electronic Village (BEV) by providing real-time, situated interaction, and a place-based model for community information. Three versions of MOOsburg have been developed: a classic text-based MOO, a MOO extended to drive a Web-browser, and a Java-based system. The most recent version of MOOsburg is fundamentally different from classic MOOs, supporting distributed system development and management, and a direct manipulation approach to navigation. We are currently developing a variety of community-oriented applications, including a virtual science fair and a dispersed natural history museum.
  • Fremont Neighborhood Council >
    Fremont Neighborhood Council is a chartered organization representing the residents of Fremont. Fremont's boundaries are the Canal on the south, 8th Ave. N.W. on the west, North 50th Street on the north, and Stone Way on the east. All Fremont residents are eligible to join, and all members are eligible to serve on the board.
  • Lyndale Neighborhood >
    Website for the Lyndale Neighborhood in Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • our IT neighborhood-Akalla projekt in stockholm >
    Der Verband der Städte, Gemeinde und Regionen Finnlands. Niveauvolle gesellschaftliche Leistungen, vitale Demokratie und nachhaltige Lebensumwelt.
  • Prestonville Community Website >
    Are you new to the area? We have produced a pack of local information we think you'll find useful, together with leaflets from local organisations.
  • Redbricks Online - Community Web >
    Manchester's Best Connected Community
  • Seattle Neighborhoods Links (North) -- Dept. of Neighborhoods >
    Departement of Neighborhoods - City of Seattle.
  • Slashdot Community Networks and Websites >
    News for Nerds. Stuff that matters.
  • Takoma Village Cohousing in Washington, DC >
    (TVC) is an urban community that fosters mutual support and cooperation while respecting privacy. We welcome diversity, encourage ecologically responsible living, and value active participation in the larger world. TVC is located in Takoma, a neighborhood in the northwest area of Washington, DC. We are a diverse group of 43 households, singles and families, who are committed to community life and environmental responsibilty.
  • The Cohousing Network (TCN) >
    Cohousing communities balance the traditional advantages of home ownership with the benefits of shared common facilities and ongoing connections with your neighbors. These cooperative neighborhoods are one of the most promising solutions to many of today's most challenging social and environmental concerns. To learn more, please read What Cohousing Is, our Frequently Asked Questions, the Cohousing Journal, join the Cohousing-L email listserv, and join us for the 2003 Cohousing Conference.
  • The MOOsburg Project >
    MOOsburg is a graphical-based virtual environment developed by The Center for Human-Computer Interaction at Virginia Tech. The MOOsburg project is focused on developing a community internet resource for Blacksburg. The purpose of the project is to create a community based on-line resource modeled on the town of Blacksburg in southwest VA. This resource can take on many forms: an information database, virtual meeting rooms, education tools, and much more. The goal is to foster real-time communication and interaction among the local community. A web page is no longer a static information provider, but a meeting place for people with common interests, a repository for interactive objects, a mutable world changeable by the users, both content recipients and creators.
  • Tjänster utan gränser - information - virtual villages in sweden >
    The project is a joint venture to promote the use of information technology. The four partners are the municipalitys of Karlskrona and Ronneby, Swedbank and Telia.
  • Welcome to HUD's Neighborhood Networks >
    Homes & Communities. US. Department fo Housing and Urban Development.
  • Wired 9.03 In Helsinki Virtual Village... >
    ...your cell phone is a broadband browser, a smart wallet, and a passport to the wireless community of the future. And your fellow citizens are the content, 24 hours a day.
  • www.brunswicknet.org >
    This is a community website for people living in the Brunswick area of Hove, East Sussex, England. The site aims to provide relevant, local information as well as a means of getting in touch with others living in the area.
  • Randal D. Pinkett >
    I am the Chief Executive Officer of Building Community Technology (BCT) Partners, LLC. In 2001, I completed my Ph.D. in the Epistemology and Learning Group of the Media Laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). My doctoral work examined strategies to bridge the "digital divide," the gap between those who benefit from new technologies and those who do not. Here is a link to my projects, papers, and presentations. My research interests include: the role of technology for the purpose of community building in low-income and urban communities, the impact of culture on the use of computers and the Internet, and the participation of underrepresented minority groups with technology.
Internetseiten von und über weitere Netzwerke
  • Barry Wellman's Publications >
    Professor Barry Wellman studies networks: community, communication, computer, and social. His research examines virtual community, the virtual workplace, social support, community, kinship, friendship, and social network theory and methods. Based at the University of Toronto, he directs the NetLab, teaches at the Department of Sociology, does research at the Centre for Urban and Community Studies, the Knowledge Media Design Institute, and the Bell University Laboratories' Collaborative Effectiveness Lab, and is a cross-appointed member of the Faculty of Information Studies.
  • Christopher Lueg's Research Interests send mail >
    This often happens: you imagine a territory rich in possibilities and try to think of how you might get to it, and then suddenly one day you look around and realise that you have been there for quite a long time. Brian Eno, Ambient 4: On Land. 1982.
  • Communities Test und Preisvergleich >
    ciao communities
  • CORDIS >
    Forschungs- und Enwicklungsinformationsdienst der Gemeinschaft.
  • CVE2002 - Introduction >
    CVE 2002 is an international conference dedicated to the design, development and use of collaborative virtual environments.
    As we move increasingly to a networked world, and with the promise of increased and improved data-flow through broadband networks, we believe that collaborative virtual environments will be of increasing importance in distributed collaboration.
  • Design for Community the art of connecting people in virtual places >
    Design for Community is a book by Derek M. Powazek about how to design and build community features on the web. The book the result of six years experience in the web biz and ten months of full-time writing and editing. It was published in September 2001 by New Riders.
  • Institute for Applied Information Technology >
    Willkommen beim Fraunhofer-Institut für Angewandte Informationstechnik FIT in Sankt Augustin und Aachen. Unser Thema ist die Verstärkung menschlicher Kompetenz durch flexible, kontextadaptive Informationssysteme
  • NPO-NGO Media & Technology Calendar >
    Non-Profit [NPO]/Non-Governmental [NGO] Media and Technology Calendar.
  • OJR article | News by the People, for the People >
    Online communities with their own publishing tools and networks are redefining news in the 21st Century
  • Social Web Cockpit >
    The Social Web Cockpit acts as an assistant that supports users while traversing the web. It informs about the presence of others, notifies of interesting web pages, and supports collaborative construction of community knowledge.
  • Can ICT Create Economic, Social and Environmental Value? >
    SustainIT are organising a major conference on behalf of the European Commission's Directorate for Enterprise. The aim of this event is to obtain the views of business, NGO's and others on the relationship between sustainable development and ICT.
  • Virtuality and Its Discontents - Searching for Community in Cyberspace by Sherry Turkle >
    The anthropologist Ray Oldenberg has written about the "great good place"--the local bar, the bistro, the coffee shop--where members of a community can gather for easy company, conversation, and a sense of belonging. Oldenberg considers these places to be the heart of individual social integration and community vitality. Today we see a resurgence of coffee bars and bistros, but most of them do not serve, much less recreate, coherent communities and, as a result, the odor of nostalgia often seems as strong as the espresso.
  • Tinet - Tarragona InterNET >
    La xarxa dels ciutadans de les comarques de Tarragona.
  • Internet encyclopedia >
    CSCW, Intranet technologies, etc. This page needs major update.
  • Welcome to Contentbank.org! >
    Contentbank.org is for individuals who work in community-based organizations and are looking for online resources that meet their clients' needs. Contentbank.org collects, highlights, and develops online content created for and by low-income and underserved communities.